If you are starting your business from scratch or simply moving office, you will need help and advice about the best equipment and software to meet your needs. Our experience tells us that at this stage we can save you a lot of time and money by planning your requirements from word go . Let Waid guide you through the process of building your business network solutions in a stress free way.

Hardware and Software
Over the past 10 years we have built up an extensive knowledge of hardware and software, whether its troubleshooting, upgrades, faulty PC or servers at Waid we have the experience to maintain and manage your systems.
Data Backup
Your data is your business. Accidents happen, failures happen so do theft, as well as viruses and natural disasters. Waid can protect your data with backup solutions to suit your pocket and business needs. At Waid we have a full range of advice and solutions tailored to meet your needs
Internet Security Solutions
We love it and yet we hate it at the same time, yes the internet is a powerful business tool, but it also brings with it many headaches and problems, we can secure your internet connections from outside interference. Protect you from unwanted interference and provide monitoring to ensure that you and your business are safe. Contact Waid for the best advice on providing a cost effective solution to securing your business.
Data Recovery
Should the unthinkable happen and you lose vital business data then don’t worry, at Waid we have what it takes to retrieve and recover your data, using the latest software packages we will endeavour to retrieve your data from failed hard drives on PC and laptops or from your server. Feel confident and safe about were your data is being stored.
Maintenance Agreements
Waid offers a comprehensive Maintenance Agreement to cover all aspects of your IT requirement. A bespoke agreement covering all the key elements of your IT systems to be protected. Contact Waid for a free consultancy.
Fault Resolution
At Waid we will ensure that you do not suffer from fault resolution, let us supply you with a network solution to this problem . We provide a complete support maintenance contract to stop faulty networks and faulty software, give us a call and let our specialists provide you with a comprehensive maintenance solution for your business.
Secure Remote Access
At Waid you don’t have to wait on a call out to have your problems solved, our secure remote access allows us to work remotely on your laptop, PC and server, quickly identifying and sorting your problems.
Disaster Recovery
What happens in the event of some unforeseen disaster, could you still trade with no IT infrastructure? All of your emails lost, HR records gone, intellectual property disappeared and no management system. We could not and we are specialists, that’s why at Waid we know the importance of complete backup for your systems. Contact us now and put your mind at rest.
Licence Management
Not knowing the law is no excuse, are you fully aware of your responsibilities? Allow Waid to guide you through this complicated issue and providing you with hassle free advice on the best options for your company.
At Waid we can identify, supply and install all the latest products from a huge range of suppliers. We can supply competitive quotes to ensure that your business receives the best cost available in the market.
Relocation and Expansion
At Waid we have the experience and knowledge to ensure that your expansion and relocation run smoothly. From initial IT and office planning to even measuring your cable requirements, we have the knowledge to help you expand your business in a trouble free manner.
Waid can deliver both local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Networks (WAN). Whether for individuals or businesses we have the answer for you. We can provide data cabling, routers to frame relay, broadband, servers and maintenance, our suppliers are tried and tested with years of experience working with us, allow us to provide all your networking solutions for you.
Security and Virus Protection
Everything from Virus protection, threats from the internet and problem solving, Waid can provide you with the security you need. We can supply and install a firewall solution that meets your needs.
IT Strategy
Let Waid formulate your specialist IT requirement, at Waid we have extensive knowledge of the current software options available for your business, working together we will be able to pinpoint the exact software packages to formulate a unique IT strategy for your business, letting you to get on with what you do best.
Voip Telephone Systems
Thanks to faster broadband connections, companies and individuals are now very familiar with IP Telephony. This offers businesses a cost effective, secure and quality driven solution, VIOspeed technology enables the integration of existing office network infrastructure with a internet based telephone system . Contact Waid for the best advice on providing a cost effective solution for your business telephone requirements.
Web Provisioning
Waid can offer a comprehensive design package to cater for all your business requirements, from initial copy writing, bespoke photography, web design and programming to ensure that your business can make the most of online opportunities for the growth and development of your company